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Whats on at Drovers Way in 2018

Whats on at Drovers Way in 2018

As always we have an interesting list of ‘happenings’ for 2018!


  • We carried out the Great Farmland Bird Count – always a challenge to see how many species we can find. This year we topped 135 birds of 27 different varieties.


  • Don’t forget to book your visit to the maternity wing to get your personal ‘Lambing Live’ experience. With the first 100 ewes due from the 1st March
  • We are attending the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Harrogate to spread the word about our fabulous Park. Friday 23rd to 25th


  • Teesside Symphony Orchestra playing at Stokesley Methodist Church with an incredible 12-year-old pianist playing the Shostakovich Piano Concerto.
  • Fingers crossed Ambers puppies should be arriving late April.


  • We’re hoping to set up a ‘safari supper’ around the park culminating in a rave !!!!! well maybe not the latter…………or even a ‘bake off’?


  • You’ll all be too busy sunning yourselves on the deck to do more than enjoy the peace at Drovers but I’m sure we can think of something!


  • Well it’s high time we had another ‘Farm party charity fundraiser’ so make sure you let me know your best dates …..


  • Caravan extravaganza at The Lawns – pick your upgrade here! 
  • RDA Dog show! at Unicorn Centre, Hemlington


  • Second Family wedding with oldest son tying the knot


  • Teesside Symphony orchestra, autumn concert at Teesside University with a Spanish Themed concert with a great local classical guitarist (now living in Spain).
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