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  • We've had a re-design!

    We've had a re-design!

    Some of our frequent visitors may have notice we have undergone a re-design. With a tidy up and some new features we hope you enjoy our new look.
    Our “Social” page is going to feature frequent posts on a variation of topics including “Local Area” – What is happening in the local area, “Local Walks” – Where to take a walk whilst on your visit, “Helen’s Recipes“and more. We will also be welcoming visitors of the park to join in and write guest posts.

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  • Not the Usual Beach Walk

    Not the Usual Beach Walk

    First impression of Skinningrove is that of a rundown forgotten industrial seaside village, don’t let this put you off there are hidden gem’s to be found. As you enter the village head to the car park north side of the river here you will find a track to an old industrial wharf. What greets you at the other side, is a vast beautiful beach mostly deserted, with the odd local walking the dog or a lonely hiker making his long journey on the famous Cleveland way.

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